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Good Shepherd's Chapel

On the 15th December 1957 Janos Brenner, Rabakethely chaplain, was murdered beastly by unknown offenders. It was forbidden to commemorate about the martyr chaplain, because of the communist dictatorship. After the change of the regime the first official commemorate was on the 13th December 1992 when, a memorial cross was stated in front of the Zsida school-chapel, a few meters from the place of his martyr.
A decade later, in 1993, 'Janos Brenner Memorial-place Trust’ was founded which aims to preserve worthily the memory of the martyr priest.
For the sake of this they decided to build a memorial-chapel on the place where the last journey of Janos Brenner passed.
Placement of foundation-stone was on the 9th of December, 1995 and on the 25th of August, 1996 the consecration of the new chapel was taken place. On the 40th jubilee the chapel enriched with a new bell.

On the 3rd of October 1999 Szombathely bishopric has officially started the beatification of Janos Brenner.

From May to October on the 13th of every month, memorial days of Fatima revelations, there is a mass in the memorial chapel, which official name is „Good Shepherd’s Chapel” and they pray for he beatification of Janos Brenner and for the clerical and monastic profession.

Every year, on Maundy Thursday there is an overnight vigil in the chapel for the memorial of the Last supper and the foundation of clergy. On the feast of Peter and Paul apostles the new mass priests of the bishopric say mass here.

On the 7th of October in 2001, on the feast of Beads Princess, a male beads brotherhood was established in the chapel, which prays for the beatification of Janos Brenner.

Several worshipper and enquirer seek out the chapel. After registration the visitors get professional guidance.



Rábakethely Parish Szentgotthárd, Felső u. 28. 00-36-94-554 160
Sister Kurucz Erzsébet Szentgotthárd, Máriaújfalui u. 8. 00-36-94- 381 722



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